Fashion Icons Exhibit Grand Opening

The Art Gallery of South Australia is fortunate enough to be hosting a fabulous exhibition which showcases some of the worlds most amazing and influential masterpieces from the collection of the Musee Des Arts Decoraties, Paris!

The Fashion Icons Exhibit had its grand opening tonight (oct. 25th) held in and around the Gallery itself. I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening which started with a ceremony at the front of the gallery officiated by Pamela Golbin (Curator of the collection) and Nick Mitzevich (Gallery Director).

After the ceremony we were given a tour of the collection followed by drinks and canapés on the lawns of the Art Gallery! It made for a fabulous night and a great chance to celebrate the Art Gallery of South Australia and their achievement in securing what is a groundbreaking exhibit.

The Exhibit opened in collaboration with the Adelaide Fashion Festival held this week but will continue until the 15th of February! For more information on tickets and opening times go to

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Mimco VIP Event

Last Thursday Mimco hosted a VIP event at their Burnside store. Mimco is an Australian Fashion retailer that creates amazing bags, shoes, jewellery and accessories. They use the highest quality materials and create beautiful products for a wide range of people.

The event was in celebration of their new collection ‘Intergalactic’ and the attention to detail was amazing. We were greeted at the door with champagne served on trays, ‘Moon water’ (sparkling water in Mimco bottles) and intergalactic sherbet pops. All of this was packaged in gorgeous themed bags and bottles.

The intergalactic collection features heavily glittered pouches, lots of blues and silver as well as heavily embellished purses, accessories. They have created an Alien motif which has been incorporated into key chains and purses in fitting with the collection.

We could wander the store and look at the new season stock as well as their Mimco Loves and other products. The staff were fantastic as always, chatting and laughing with us throughout the night.  Enjoy the photos! DXx


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Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

On August 10th Chanel launched three new nail colours here in Australia; Secret #625 Atmosphere #629 and Orage #631. I already have purchased Secret and have had a play over the last few days to test out the colour, formula and consistency.

The colour is gorgeous, a true pink based nude however a base coat is needed to help even out the polish. With the first coat it is slightly streaky but after the second thicker coat it is even and shiny. As usual the polish has lasted well and kept its shine. I would highly recommend using base and top coat when using a pale polish like this to reduce the slight streakiness.

I have always been a huge fan of Chanel cosmetics and their nail colours in particular and this one is no exception! I look forward to testing out Atmosphere and Orage & sharing with you. DXx

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 11.32.40 PMIMG_0242

Yves Saint Laurent: The Movie

On Monday night I went and saw YSL: The Movie. It was by far one of the best films I have seen in the past year! Not only was the scenery, clothing and filming divine but it was a tragic and touching story about the life of one of the worlds best ever designers. Although the film was in French and had sub-titles it was easy to read and by the end you felt like you were listening rather than reading. I wont give too much away but the film is from the perspective of Saint Laurent’s life long partner and while it was harsh in many ways was a truthful rendition of his life. If you get a chance and it is showing at a cinema near you I urge you to go and see it! Here is the trailer to give you a taste of the movie! Dxxxx

To Fur Or Not To Fur?

Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs & Michael Kors, What do these labels have in common I hear you ask? Apart from being high fashion brands they all have, at one time or another, included fur garments in their collections. Fendi, the original furrier, has been creating fur clothing and accessories for over seventy five years, while they use furs such as Mink and Ocelot many designers use more common furs such as Rabbit and Fox. Michael Kors THE designer for luxury American sportswear always includes fur in his winter collections. Winter is upon us here in Australia and this poses a question; Is it acceptable to wear fur?

Inspiration to get you thinking! DXx





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